For many people purchasing a property is the single largest investment they will make, it is therefore important that peace of mind is aided by the use of an adequate Survey on the property.

Home Buyer

Home Buyer

The HomeBuyer Survey is not a detailed survey of every aspect of the property and focuses only on major and urgent matters. It’s not suitable for many properties that are more than 100 years old; those in need of renovation or that you are planning to alter/extend.

Building Survey

A Residential Building Survey is a detailed examination of all accessible parts of a property and can be tailor-made to suit your individual needs and concerns.

A Residential Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection suitable for all properties but especially for:

  • All listed buildings
  • Older properties
  • Any building constructed in an unusual way regardless of its age
  • Properties you are planning to renovate or alter in any way
  • Properties that already have extensive alterations

Private Valuation

Private Valuation

A Property Valuation is a limited check carried out to identify the current market value of a property based on a number of factors, including, location and property condition.

Help to Buy Valuation

If you have used the Help to Buy scheme and are in a position to remortgage your home and start repaying your loan, then you need to appoint a RICS regulated independent Registered Valuer to carry out the valuation.

We specialise in preparing reports if you have used the Help to Buy scheme. The report will be prepared in an approved format, signed by a RICS surveyor, dated, and addressed to the appropriate association.

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